We’re all in this together.

I started this project a while back, because I felt the need to promote awareness to war, injustice, and atrocity.  Some of the moving pictures that I borrowed and remodeled into .gif moving pictures have received disturbing notes, and in large volumes.  I sincerely hope that a message is being conveyed through them, and not just people thinking “oh cool, an explosion, I’m gonna reblog that shit, swag swag, bla bla bla.”

All of the images say “we’re all in this together” and the project is titled the same.  We, as one race of living beings on this lonely blue planet, and we are all that we have.  I know that not all issues in this world can be resolved diplomatically or peacefully, but many of the images that I have chosen to create (or borrow/modify) are representations of the most terrible ways that we have chosen to mutilate, segregate, and divide ourselves as people.  

A few of the images show hope, such as those of the Moon landing, the Wright Brothers first flight, space shuttle launches, etc.  In total, I have made 59 of these moving pictures, and only 3 of those depict hopeful or positive effect on humanity.

Tumblr is where people go to have fun.  I understand that, and I love gifs and memes of puppies, just as much as anyone.  At the same time though, there is a personal, and impersonal burden which weighs heavily on my heart, that I feel compelled to do something about, even if it is something as absolutely futile as stealing videos from youtube, and taking the most violent/compelling 1 second, and creating an eternal loop of it.  

My friend, and fellow Veteran, Ehren Tool introduced me to the phrase “War Awareness Art” and that is the only thing that I can consider this body of work to be.

Life is fucking precious.  As anti-social, and high anxiety the life that I have chosen to lead is, I have a firm comprehension of the fragility of life.  One day, I would like to have children.  I would like to raise a family.  I would like to live in a world where school shootings, civil war, terrorism, bullying, or whatever else may be plaguing our existence, simply does not exist.  That is unrealistic, and I understand that, but I don’t think it’s a crime to hope for something better for us all.

Please be conscious in what is happening in our world.  Love your neighbors, love your families.  Be a good person, pick people up when they fall down.  Try to do something good for someone every single day.  Please remember that this world is the only one we have, and is likely the only one we will ever have.  Black, white, yellow, brown, mulatto, jew, gentile, muslim, buddhist, atheist, gay, straight, transgender, whatever, who-gives-a-fuck; WE ARE ALL IN THIS WORLD TOGETHER.

Original artist statement-
It’s impossibly easy to avoid the war.  I was inspired by Tumblr, and it’s unending supply of .gif images, and unending supply of copyright infringement.  For this project, I have taken snips from video clips on the internet and created infinite loops of violence and injustice.  These are the things that we do to one another.  Our insane, ridiculous, petty differences cause us to do things like this to one another.”

I do not own the copyright to any of these images and moving pictures.  These images are not published for any commercial or for-profit purpose, but for education and to promote awareness.

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